Auction for education

You have the opportunity to continue supporting the RCD foundation this year by participating in this auction with the option to donate towards the RCD Foundation scholarship program

Due to the social and economic crisis of COVID-19, Global students are prone to abandon their studies. Currently 43 students are part of a scholarship program and are fully supported by RCD Foundation through grants, school supplies, guidance and capabilities for homeschooling, and preparing them to have a safe return to their school.

In the last three years, RCD Foundation has helped more than 100 young people and accompanied 11 students to graduation by completing their studies in their degree.

This auction will help to support students from Mexico and Punta Cana, to keep studying and help educational facilities like:

A) La Escuela de Nazareth

At Punta Cana with 656 students to improve their basketball court area to keep students engaged in their social and sport activities. (6,700usd).

B) Escuela Kaxan Na'at - Buscando conocimiento

At Quintana Roo, to build a classroom for 50 kids. (20,000 usd)

Contributing to $20 dollars a month supports a student, and helps them reach their goals. Donate Today:

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